Food Network's Teen Chopped

Chef Anton takes great pride in being a mentor to our Younger generation and future chefs  by donating his time to Denville's Morris County Tech Culinary program in his home state of New Jersey in 2016 Chef Anton was so proud and honored when one of the students made it to Food Networks "Teen Chopped" and made a guest appearance with culinary student Nicholas Capone.


Food Network's Chopped

In 2010, Anton Testino competed on Food Network's Chopped. His episode, "When Octopuses Attack", was one of their most controversial episodes. His judges that day were Arron Sanchez, Marc Murphy and Alex Guarnaschelli. They all agreed that his octopus was cooked perfectly but somehow was defeated by a competitor who served inedible raw fish. After its airing, the show got some backlash for the outcome and the episode was taken off YouTube. Anton's episode still airs on tv several times a year following its original debut.

Even though I am taking this time to build my legacy as a Chef and Restauranteur for me and my son,

when the time is right, I will go back on the small screen.

Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen

In 2014, Testino competed on Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen on Fox. He was quickly recognized for his skills in the kitchen and ability to run a kitchen. He impressed Ramsey and other Michelin chefs with his creativity and unique style of cooking. Anton stood out with his strong, powerful voice. Testino said " Being on Hell's Kitchen was an amazing experience, one that changed my life. One of the greatest moments in my culinary career was when I won the Wolfgang Puck pizza competition. He scored me a 4 out of 5, when I unknowingly duplicated the pizza that made Wolfgang famous, smoked salmon pizza." Anton knocked out 12 out of 20 chefs before getting himself thrown out of Hell's Kitchen for butting heads with Chef Andi and more importantly, for telling Ramsey that he had no desire to work for him but to make a name for himself so he can open up his own restaurant.